Here at Living Life Psychology, preventative approaches to mental health using the latest research and methods are available to your organisation

What will your service provide?

A detailed review of your organisations wellbeing strategy from a holistic and evidence based framework. The review will provide analysis and a practical implementation plan after consultation with your staff. Support throughout the implementation is provided.


The business advantages of having mentally fitter, healthier and happier employees on the payroll are many and varied, including:

  • Increased productivity;
  • Better staff decision making;
  • Reduced sick leave and absenteeism;
  • Reduced long-term health problems;
  • Reduced worker turnover;
  • Increased ability to attract and retain new employees

The direct benefits to your employees include:

  • Increased morale, job satisfaction and motivation;
  • Improved mental alertness, concentration and energy levels;
  • Decreased stress and other work-related illness; and
  • Improved prevention of chronic diseases

Industry studies have shown that 75% of employers offered an employee wellbeing programs. The average return on investment of workplace wellness programs is 3.27. This means that for every dollar that was spent on the program the company saved $3.27 because of reduced healthcare costs. A survey in 2013 by Virgin HealthMiles Inc. and Workforce Management Magazine, suggests that 77% of employees responded  that “health and wellness programs positively impact the culture at work.”

Larger businesses have reactive interventions in place such as EAPS which provide much needed support for acute matters. However, research consistently shows that having a preventative strategy in place not only provides exceptional value but also shifts the focus from “I don’t know what to do here, how do we fix this” to “Lets work on this because we know it works”.

What does it look like?

Examples of work completed with clients include:

  • Training around mental health basics- including ways to identify staff or students who are at risk
  • Practical workshops focused on relevant issues such as communication skills, conflict resolution, team building strategies and more
  • Relaxation activities- including usage of apps
  • Preventative measures underpinned by the principles of Positive Psychology
  • Culture shift around mental health and wellbeing
  • Policy and strategic initiative development

What’s the next step?

Please contact me at for a confidential discussion on how we can work together to achieve your goals.