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I always thought being mentally ill made me a bad person, even broken, but when I reached recovery I was able to see everything that my illness taught me: compassion, empathy, appreciation, and resiliency. When I learned to live my life and thrive with mental health, I realised it made me a better and stronger person in the end.” -Former patient.

The stresses that face young people are wide and varied. From difficulty coping with school work, finding jobs, learning how to navigate friendships, communicating with others and transitioning into adulthood- it’s a miracle that we make it through this stage of life! Having been a young person myself, and through many years working with young people, it has given me the opportunity to talk about these issues without judgement and working out a solution. Without sounding cliche, young people are the ones with the power to change our world- you are the next generation. Just look at Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat- all started by young people for young people. I’m honoured to be part of your journey.

Living Life Psychology can help if you:

  • Are feeling down, stressed or can’t stop worrying
  • Don’t feel like yourself anymore
  • Can’t deal with school/uni/ work or are finding it difficult to concentrate
  • Are feeling sick or worried about your health
  • Have questions about, or want to cut down on alcohol or other drug use
  • Want to talk about sexuality, gender identity or relationships
  • Are having difficulties with your family or friends
  • Are being bullied, hurt or harassed
  • Are worried about work or study or if you’re having money trouble
  • Need someone to talk to

Getting support can help you to keep you on track at school, study or work, and in your personal and family relationships. The sooner you get help the sooner things can begin to improve for you. Below are some infographics from headspace.org.au around common issues found during adolescence and young adulthood:

Your first appointment at Living Life

Appointments at a Living Life can vary in length but are usually 50 minutes to an hour.

It’s okay to feel nervous about getting help for the first time, we all do when trying something new. It can be helpful to bring along a family member, carer or friend to help support you. Remember, as a psychologist, I’m bound by law to keep our conversations confidential- which means generally speaking, what we talk about in session will remain in the room.

Usually, the first session would include myself asking you questions about what’s brought you here and what you’d like to be better. This is to make sure that all the important issues are covered, and to help develop the best solution for you. As you get to know me and vice versa, you will probably find that talking about what is going on gets easier.

The appointment is your time. Feel free to ask questions about anything that’s on your mind that I can help you find the best solution, or find the information that you need. Whatever is on your mind, you can be assured that I’ll be there to offer an atmosphere of acceptance and curiosity.

Therapy with Justin @LivingLifePsychology

What do clients say about psychological therapy?

“Not being good enough for others doesn’t mean you’re not good enough. We shouldn’t be defined by what others think nor find our identity in people’s acceptance”


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